Quick Stop At Laguna Seca – Monterey

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So after Redding, I drove down south via Pacific Coast Highway (which I’ll post the pics later).

So I stayed at my friend’s place in Watsonville, California, not that far from Monterey. On the way to Monterey, I saw a sign it says: Laguna Seca, so I took a quick stop at Laguna Seca because it’s famous (I knew Laguna Seca since I was a kid because of Gran Turismo game). Also in Monterey, there’s an interesting spot, a chair with the same design like in Forrest Gump movie in front of Bubba Gump, which Bubba and Gump is the name of character in Forrest Gump movie.

Anyway, I visited Santa Cruz as well that day, but I’ll post Santa Cruz into the next one.


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